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Zibo yitian heat environmental protection equipment Gas Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the professionalization of the project company. Qi company is located in the ancient capital of Zibo City, Shandong Province west provincial capital 100 kilometers, 220 kilometers Dongju Qingdao City, Qingdao port 300 kilometers, close to Jiqinggaosu Road, Jiaoji Railway, air, land and sea transportation is very convenient. Science and technology as a precursor to the company, market demand and customer satisfaction as the goal, to protect the environment and to have the benefit of mankind, actively committed to clean coal combustion systems engineering.
Yitian of heat in the gas company has a number of projects talents, hire a professional national industrial gas experts as technical advisers, and extensive domestic institutions and Design Institute of close cooperation by a large number of absorption, using advanced technology at home and abroad, one after another Development of a Φ1.0 m, Φ1.5 m, Φ2.0 m, Φ2.4 m, Φ2.6 m, Φ3.0 m, Φ3.2 m-Purpose gas furnace, Φ2 m, Φ2.6 m, Φ3.0 m, Φ3.2 Two-stage gas furnace, gas purification equipment and a variety of support equipment such as new products and a variety of gasification process. Our company has a single, double struts each model gas producer in Shandong Province passed the Product Quality Supervision, Inspection and identified, was in Shandong Province Environmental Protection Industry Association identified as national priorities for environmental protection technology, Zibo City Environmental Protection Bureau recommended to the advanced Environmental protection and energy conservation products.
Up to now, the company manufacturing the different types of gas a few hundred sets of equipment, the construction of the cold and hot gas stations net gas stations widely used in building materials, ceramics, glass, fire-resistant, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery and other industries, products all over the country the major north-south , Both within and outside the Great Wall more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.
In recent years, just days thermal coal gasification technology companies, based on the use of gas furnace industry and the characteristics of the different requirements of users, and continuously developed to meet user requirements of new products, to provide users with the best design. From this and have made significant achievements and has accumulated rich experience in training and bringing up a strong team of professionals. Therefore, I can provide companies from the gas station design, equipment manufacture, installation, commissioning, technical guidance, personnel training, technical advisory services to technology, such as through-train service. In recent years, with the company to provide users with better products, a fair and reasonable price, service and dedication to win the trust of the market and users. Numerous sophisticated engineering win gold medals in the competition.
Company to "a market first, after the business, integrity-based" business philosophy, carry forward the hard-working, dedicated, efficient and innovative spirit of enterprise. Respect for human resources, strengthen management, Yanzhua quality, and further improve the service, and constantly develop all kinds of new products, new technologies. We sincerely willing to vast numbers of customers at home and abroad dedicated service, and all the friends and friendly cooperation, join hands, an accomplice, create brilliant! And the enthusiasm of waiting, both inside and outside the old and new friends to visit my company guidance.

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